Timi is our first one shot short. It is pure visual storytelling, with timing as a major factor.

Filter Film - Actress on the wire
Filter Film - From the set of the short film Timi

The film you see is our take 3 of a total of 6 attempts which mostly was ruined by bypassing bikers or traffic :)


“The pregnant actress, was actually pregnant and gave birth to a wonderful boy not long after the wrap.”

Filter Film - Directing short film
Filter Film - Independent filmmaking


The film was premiered at a local cinema in Copenhagen...

“The film was directed using three different t-shirts with different colors indicating different cues.”

“The red cap was used to make viewers look at it, so they won´t see the shoes of the woman getting into the bus.”

“After premiering the film, somebody stole the idea and made it in to a stimerol commercial. We still want money!”

and was honorably mention in the 2015 OneShot Festival in UK.

Filter Film - Filming ABC
Filter Film - Yes we Cannes!
Filter Film - from the set of the short film Timi
FIlter Film - short film superpower
Filter Film - Shoot & cut
Filter Film - Make films, don´ talk about it...


It wouldn´t have been possible without timing, teamwork and patience. Thank you!

Tìmi is one of the shortest, most beautiful and difficult film we have ever made.

Filter Film

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