Filter Film is a nordic independent film production company working from their office downtown Copenhagen and Oslo. Filter Film write, produce and distribute short films to film festivals around the globe.

We also write and produce films for companies who wants to build their brand to colleagues and customers.


Watch the trailer for our next film Jolevak now!

Music Video from Aurora with One More Time

Watch the trailer of our first full-time movie


Watch the trailer of our first full-time movie

Get your name in the credits and help us finish our first feature film

"Ravn and Emilie is searching for the perfect home - what can go wrong?"

"Have you ever felt alone? This film project reflects on the topic of loneliness."

"Are you willing to kill, or get killed, for something you believe in?"

"Have you ever been chased by a man-sized bunny in the middle of the night?"

"Tími is a romantic one-take about how we use eachother to move on in life."

"What happens to the old man who yelled to many times after a cigarette?

Hegn ( Fence ) is a super short dark comedy about white suburbia.


Commercials & short films are our speciality - book us for your next film project :)


Filter Film - Crew shot from the short film Error
Filter Film - Picture from the film festival Minimalen in Trondheim 2016


1) Every film must have an element of the impossible from a production point of view.

2) Don´t talk about making movies. Make them.

3) One rain-drop at a time

4) Yes we Cannes!


Filter Film - Crew picture from the short film Flammen
Filter Film - Notes from the pre-production of the short film Flammen



Filter Film is founded by actor/writer Morten Lindemann Olsen and director/writer Arne Kristoffer Wang Holthe in the summer of 2014 with the common goal to find a faster way of getting original stories up on the big screen.

Morten has a degree from the Danish Musical Academy and has worked on and off stage performing in plays, films and commercials.

Arne has a degree in business management and has written and directed short films on and off the last ten years.

Filter Film - Picture of director and writer Arne Kristoffer Wang Holthe
Filter Film - Picture of writer and actor Morten Lindemann Olsen



We are continuously looking for orginal stories to get up on the big screen. Do you want to participate in one of our film projects or do you have a brilliant manuscript? Are

you interested in supporting independent filmmaking, or does your business want to co-fund one of our upcoming film prosjects? Contact us or drop by for a cup of coffe :)


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+47 91 51 17 47

Frederiksberggade 15  København K

Filter Film - Picture from a Filter Film screening in Husets Biograf in Copenhagen
Filter Film - Storytelling

Filter Film

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Notes from a pre-production of the short film Flammen